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Hundreds of Penn State employees have enjoyed the convenience and ease of shopping with eBuy, the University's online marketplace where faculty and staff can purchase office supplies, research equipment, and more.

Now you can take the next step. With the same valuable functionality, eBuy+ brings to you an even more convenient way to order what you need online. It's paperless, it's easy, and now it has more options than ever.

What's New

eBuy eBuy+
  • Catalog shopping only
  • Catalog and non-catalog shopping
  • Catalog suppliers only
  • Catalog suppliers or your suggested suppliers
  • Purchasing within your preapproved spending limit
  • Purchases over your spending limit can be automatically routed within your department for additional approvals.
  • Electronic receipt confirmations will replace paper reports.

Watch for more eBuy+ updates.

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2015/2016 Standing Order (pdf) preparation instructions are now available.

Sigma offers special savings on shipping for orders placed thru eBUY only....FREE 2-Day Ground Shipping on all eBuy POs to Sigma! Plus 1/2 off Special Handling (i.e. Dry Ice, Special Packaging)